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We Are on a Mission to Solve North America’s Waste Problem

More than 40% of the food produced in the United States, nearly 915 pounds per person, goes uneaten costing Americans $1,500 per year to collect and landfill the waste.

The United States is facing an enormous solid-waste disposal problem. Most landfills are only a few years away from closing resulting in limited outlets for our waste. Regulators are urgently implementing policies to catalyze the pace of change leading to significant demand for new waste processing infrastructure.

We will build it.

Nexus W2V is focused on the development of waste-to-value subsectors that will change how we think about waste management practices in the United States.

Source Separated Organic Waste to RNG

We work with waste generators and help them create solutions for their separated organic waste streams to produce renewable natural gas that is used for transportation fuel.

MSW to Separated Organics to RNG

We work with municipalities and haulers to implement material recycling facilities to help separate recyclable and organic fractions from our waste stream to be reused as products and energy.

WWTP Upgrades & Co-Location

We seek to partner with local municipalities to assist with creating and converting their flare biogas to renewable transportation fuels.

Industrial Composting

Not all solutions need to be next-generation. Industrial-scale composting is required to support organic diversions from landfills as green waste and other organic waste streams may not be suitable as anaerobic digestion feedstock. 

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